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Students risk breathing toxic air


No standards, little monitoring here or across US

By Blake Morrison and Brad Heath • USA Today • December 8, 2008

ADDYSTON - The growl of air-monitoring equipment has replaced the chatter of children at Meredith Hitchens Elementary School in this suburb along the Ohio River.


The Three Rivers Local School District closed Hitchens three years ago, after air samples outside the building showed high levels of chemicals coming from a plastics plant across the street. The Ohio EPA concluded the risk of getting cancer was 50 times higher than what the state considers acceptable.

The air outside 435 other U.S. schools - including at least three others in Bond Hill and Elmwood Place - appears to be even worse, according to an eight-month investigation by USA Today.




USA Today's interactive report lets you find the ranking of pollution at your school.

Download Cincinnati Enquirer's pdf "Smokestack Effect" showing local schools at risk in the top 1%, including Amanda Elementary and Mayfield Elementary in Middletown.



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