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The Story Untold

The Story Untold

The entire picture of the proposed Suncoke plant and how it truly will affect people - human beings - not just the dollar bill - individuals, who are the most vulnerable like children and the elderly, seem to be glossed over by some. It's not about it just being in our backyard. The mere threat of the plant has already caused damage to numerous families financially. Some need to quit being so small minded - we are way beyond that NIMBY issue. We can see beyond the dollar bill unlike some. Stories have continued to be slanted and information purposely left out that would bring to light another side of this story. If some continue to chalk up the issues to ‘NIMBY," only "a very small number" and the need for "jobs," they can strategically attempt to avoid the real issues at hand. For this reason, I offer the following additional information that has come to light over the last year since the coke plant was proposed:

'A representation of the people's voice'

On behalf of the Stay Inside the Fence.com Committee, I want to thank all of the Middletown residents who signed our referendum petition, which was filed on June 5, 2008, and the most recent initiative petition drive, which began on July 8. More than 3,700 signatures were obtained in a span of only a few weeks for the two petition efforts.

Why so many unanswered questions?

by Lisa Frye
June 26, 2008
On Thursday, June 5, the Stay Inside the Fence Committee delivered 2,069 Middletown voter signatures for a referendum petition drive to the city of Middletown to overturn the May 6 legislative decision to rezone the Martin farmland to industrial (use). The next day, The Journal reported that the city announced it would re-do the process and start over from the beginning, thereby avoiding the cost of a lawsuit battle pending in the courts on the same issue. Although the city stated that they did nothing wrong in the re-zoning process, they willingly decided to re-do it. When was the last time the city has re-done legislation immediately after it was passed?

So, if they truly had followed the proper legal process in the re-zoning of this land, why are they afraid to answer questions in court regarding it? Moreover, if it was truly such an "emergency" (the way in which it was passed originally), what makes it not an emergency now that they are willing to re-do the entire process? And lastly, did our submission of petitions a few hours before they made the announcement to re-do the process impact their decision?

Haverhill Coke Plant Complaint Investigations

May 2, 2008
To: Middletown City Council
From: Robert Snook

This is a summary of some of the 20 complaints that have been filed by nearby residents.
In addition the Haverhill Coke Plant has reported 46 violations from June 15, 2005 to
March 28, 2008.
1. Complaint No. 2005-20: Mitchell Wheeler said the 3 stacks closest US 52 had 20-30
ft. flames. He said when he walked outside his eyes were burning. There was black
smoke at the top of the flame, trailing off. He said they have a pressure problem and

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