Kelly Graff files lawsuit against Haverhill North Coke Company/SunCoke Energy

Kelly Graff is one of the women who came to the Middletown City Council meetings and spoke regarding the issues in Haverhill which, as we all know, were subsequently ignored by those Council members.

She, along with some other family members, have now filed a lawsuit against SunCoke. She lives across a divided highway from the Haverhill coking facility. She actually lives farther than some supporters in our SunCoke Watch Inc. group would live from the Middletown Coke Company proposed site.

This lawsuit addresses many issues including the Violations and the health effects from the pollutants from this SunCoke facility - the model for the Middletown Coke Company facility.

Stamped Graff v HNCC Complaint 9-14-2009.pdf2.23 MB