A Next Step: The Environmental Review Appeals Commission

The Environmental Review Appeals Commission, also known as ERAC, is an appellate review commission which is separate and distinct from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  The Environmental Review Appeals Commission hears appeals pursuant to Chapter 3745 of the Ohio Revised Code.  According to Section 3745.04 of the revised code:

                ...Any person who was a party to a proceeding before the Director may participate in an appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commission for an order vacating or modifying the action fo the Director of Environmental Protection or local Board of Health to perform an act.  The Environmental  Review Appeals Commission has exclusive original jurisdiction over any matter which may, under this section be brought before it...

                 The appeal shall be filed...within thirty days after notice of the action. [Emphasis Added].

According to Section 3745.07 of the Revised Code:

                 ...If the Director issues, denies, modifies, revokes, or reviews a permit, license, or variance without issuing a proposed action, an officer of an agency of the state or of a political sub-division, acting in a representative capacity, or any person who would be aggrieved or adversely affected thereby, may appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commissioni, within thrity days of the issuance, denial, modification, revocation, or renewal. [emphasis added].

                             The Environmental Review Appeals Commission

                    309 South Fourth Street, Room 222, Columbus, Ohio  43215

                                                (614) 466-8950