Haverhill Coke Plant Complaint Investigations

May 2, 2008
To: Middletown City Council
From: Robert Snook

This is a summary of some of the 20 complaints that have been filed by nearby residents.
In addition the Haverhill Coke Plant has reported 46 violations from June 15, 2005 to
March 28, 2008.
1. Complaint No. 2005-20: Mitchell Wheeler said the 3 stacks closest US 52 had 20-30
ft. flames. He said when he walked outside his eyes were burning. There was black
smoke at the top of the flame, trailing off. He said they have a pressure problem and
have had black smoke at night. He thinks they are pushing green ovens after dark. Mr.
Wheeler called to complain of bad rotten egg odor at night. He said it was bad around 7
PM. He said his wife has been sick since it happened.
2. July 11, 2005: Cindy Charles, Ohio EPA, investigation found the complaint to be
valid with a white ash like material observed on the complainants property, vehicles and
garden. The Haverhill facility had a malfunction from 10:25 to 4 PM. resulting in a
bypass of the entire FGD system. Haverhill did not notify our office immediately of such
malfunction. Please be aware that continued malfunctions that are not properly reported
may result in a notice of violation.
3. Complaint No. 2005-139: Mr. Michael Floyd said he couldn’t go outside Sunday
because of the odor. I explained the malfunction event to Mr. Floyd. He said they
shouldn’t be able to bypass indefinitely. He called the plant and couldn’t get through. He
said no one has yet to call him back. He said they are awakened every morning at ^ Am
with the noise.
4. Complaint No. 2006-04: Mr. Michael Floyd said the smoke and odor was bad all
holiday. He said he has been told plant operators told to push green coke ovens to meet
5. Complaint No. 2006-07: Mrs. Sampson said coal dust lies in the deep end of the pool
and has never been that bad. She said there was a strong odor on Sunday from 7 to 7:30
PM. Jim Sampson said there was coal dust in the bottom of the pool daily.
6. Complaint No. 2006-25: He stated worst coke odor has ever smelled. He thinks coke
plant is pushing green ovens to meet production. The odor was so bad he had o change
his clothes.
7. Complaint No. 2006-26: Date 2/15/2006 Kelly Graff said there was an odor from
around 12:15 PM until the cloud went away. It went from a green oven smell to a sulfur
smell. She said it caused her to have a headache. Kelly Graff’s mother pulled a furnace
filter for me to look at that was put in on 1/26/06which was black and is normally gray in
8. Complaint No. 2008-13: Vicki Gates stated she smelled an odor all the time in the
mornings: most evenings around 5:30 to 6:00. Mrs. Bates house was about 1.5 miles
away from the plant.
9. Complaint No. 2008-18: Mr. Gleim state odor occurs about every weekend in the
mornings around 9 AM. This morning he went outside and smelled the odor from coke
plant stepped back inside and ask his wife if she smelled the plant and told her to step
outside and she said ___ . So I called.