USEPA issues Numerous Notices of Violation to Multiple SunCoke Energy Facilities since May, 2010

Attached are multiple Notices of Violation, which have been issued to SunCoke's Haverhill North, Gateway Energy and Coke Company and Indiana Harbor Coke Company by USEPA Region 5 since May, 2010. An NOV issued by Portsmouth Local Air Agency and SunCoke's response letter are also attached.

USEPA July 1, 2010 NOV to Haverhill North.NOV3_.pdf212.4 KB
USEPA July 1, 2010 NOV to Haverhill North.NOV2_.pdf259.4 KB
USEPA July 1, 2010 NOV to Haverhill North.NOV1_.pdf300.71 KB
USEPA July 22, 2010 NOV to Haverhill North.pdf263.69 KB
USEPA June 3, 2010 NOV to SunCoke.Indiana Harbor Coke Company.pdf296.41 KB
USEPA July 8, 2010 NOV to SunCoke.Gateway Energy and Coke Company.pdf445.58 KB
HNCC 8-19-10 NOV letter.pdf45.33 KB
HNCC 8-19-10 NOV response letter.pdf353.43 KB