NRDC Files Comments with Ohio EPA on DEGS (formerly P&G) Permit Modification regarding Emission Offsets for SunCoke

Comments have been submitted on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council and SunCoke Watch, Inc. regarding the Ohio EPA's draft administrative modification of the permit-to-install for DEGS Facility, which was originally permitted and built by Procter and Gamble.

The Ohio EPA is attempting nine years after this permit was issued in 2001 to "correct the amount of remaining emissions available to be used as emissions credits." It's obvious the only reason that the Ohio EPA is taking this administrative action nine years later is to assist SunCoke in locating available ERC's (Emission Reduction Credits) for their New Source Review permit on the border of Middletown and Monroe.

The comments are attached and clearly summarize the legal issues at hand. Also attached is the draft permit modification.

SunCoke-PGEmissionCredits-Comments.pdf46.93 KB
DEGSDraft348344.pdf287.95 KB