No Union Presence at Monroe City Council Meeting

Following is a quote from a Middletown Journal online article on 2/23/10 prior to the Monroe Council meeting on 2/23/10. Although Corbin stated there are 100 members of the trade council living in Monroe and that many would attend the meeting - NOT ONE WAS IN ATTENDANCE - just setting the record straight!

“Since the Ohio EPA said this is the most stringent permit they have ever issued, Monroe’s argument against the plant “is the biggest mystery,” and this latest move is “depressing” since it may well put the project in jeopardy again, said Gary Corbin, Butler County Building and Construction Trades Council executive secretary and treasurer. Members of the trades council would fill the 500 temporary jobs the company would hire to build the plant.

“I find it hard to believe that they are going to come in there and spend another several thousand dollars to fight this thing when they can’t really have the money,” Corbin said.

About 100 members of the trades council are Monroe residents, and Corbin said many will attend tonight’s council meeting.

“A good deal of them would be working at that job,” he said.”

The above are the exact statements in the online article prior to the Council meeting; however, the statement about the trades council being in attendance is no longer included in the article linked below (it has been updated since the meeting). The Journal has not reported that NO ONE was in attendance. Rather than update the facts as to what actually happened, the statement has been removed.